Company Vision

Integrity, excellence and innovation are the foundational values of Everland. We demonstrate the importance of integrity in our fulfillment of promises to customers and investors. Everland’s ultimate aim is to be a leader in the Australian real estate industry. We will achieve this by acquiring sites in the best locations and developing the most sought after real estate.

Everland has a dedicated and experienced team of professionals with an array of skillsets and experience in property development, project management, architecture, finance, and law. The team researches and acquires the best development sites, and through their broad-ranging experience, establishes the most desirable projects.

In the next five years, Everland will deliver approximately A$1.5 billion worth of projects to market, including high-end residential apartments and commercial office buildings. We will also continue to acquire quality land assets to hold, enlarging our asset base and growing our pool of land resources for future projects. Everland will broaden relationships with experts in the industry and cultivate professional talents within our company to maximize profits for our shareholders.


1. Timeless classics
We are committed to creating exquisite and timeless buildings in the best locations in Australia's major cities. We will strive to offer a better life to people through the delivery of quality urban environments. Environments that people will pursue to fulfil their ideal working and living arrangements.

2. Relentless innovation
We are committed to a culture of innovation and architectural mastery. We aim to work with global designers and engineers to deliver the highest-quality living and office spaces.

3. Sustainable development
● We always want to be ahead of the industry in terms of design trends. We believe ESD is a key design trend that is here to stay and we aim to integrate the principles of ESD into every aspect of our development. We need to design and build for the future so we can realise a better built environment for future generations.

● There is an ancient Chinese proverb that states that it takes a decade to nurture trees and a hundred years to nurture people. Everland invests in the continued development of our staff, developing staff potential so they can grow with the company.